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Counselling 2 Wellness
Counselling 2 Wellness
2983 Bloor Street West, Etobicoke, Ontario
Types of Services:
Psychotherapy, Trauma Counselling, Art Therapy
About Me:

The Counselling2Wellness (C2W) Team has a wide range of experience, skills and knowledge including providing individual and family therapy, facilitating groups, and conducting psychological assessments with individuals experiencing mental health concerns.

Our counsellors have decades of experience having provided counselling treatment in various hospitals, community organizations and in a private practice setting. Our team work with all age groups (pre-teen, teenagers, young adults, and adults) experiencing mental health issues. Our counsellors have experience with Children’s Aid Society (CAS) of Toronto clients, working together to empower clients and identify meaningful goals for positive life changes. We promote a custom therapy model using techniques, approaches and practices that are based on the most effective research to treat your situation.

Trust our team’s experience and proven success to guide you to wellness.

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