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Young People

How does Connections work?

 The Connection Program’s nurse navigator meets with young people, conducts a wellness assessment and creates a customized care plan that assists young people to get the help they need. Through established partnerships, the navigator identifies appropriate mental health experts and services available in the community and helps remove any barriers for young people in accessing these services, ultimately facilitating a smooth transition to adult services.

What services does the Connections Program offer?

Based on the needs of each young person, the types of support could include:

  • System Navigation and Community Based Referrals

  • Health Advice and Education

  • Transitional Primary Care

  • One-on-one Community-Based Psychotherapy

  • Psychological Assessments

  • Wellness Groups, including health promotion activities, mental health awareness, and also therapy-based groups (i.e. DBT, Art Therapy). Information around the wellness groups can be found on the latest news page

  • Comprehensive Assessment by Psychiatrist

  • System navigation

  • In-house Psychotherapy (CBT, and Solution-Focused Therapy through an Anti-Black Racism Lens)

  • Integrated wraparound services provided by the program’s mental health navigator in partnership youth workers from the Pape Adolescent Resource Centre.

Who is eligible?

Young people are eligible for the Connections program if they are;


  • In extended society care, or former extended society care

  • Between the ages of 18 – 29

  • Reside in the Greater Toronto Area (referrals will be considered on a case by case basis for young people who live outside of the GTA).

Have you been connected to the Nurse Navigator?

1. Browse the Registry

2. Inform Nurse Navigator which mental health professionals you are interested in connecting with, through phone or email


1. Fill out the referral form for the connections program by clicking the button below.

Nurse Navigator's email is:

Please send completed referral forms and inquiries related to therapists to this email. 

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