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Dr. Jean Kim
Dr. Jean Kim
Center for Interpersonal Relationships, 790 Bay Street, Suite 520, Toronto
Types of Services:
Trauma-focused CBT, DBT, Talk Therapy, Anger Management, Interpersonal Therapy, Mindfulness-based CBT, Emotion-focused Therapy
About Me:

When life stressors become overwhelming, we typically turn to familiar ways of coping. We can become stuck in a cycle, almost as though we are playing a scene on repeat. It takes self-awareness and courage to interrupt this cycle, and I commend you for taking the initial step toward meaningful change. Over the past seven years, I have had the privilege to work alongside people as they develop greater understanding of themselves and their relationships, and discover a new direction in their lives.

People often question whether their struggles are significant enough to seek support. From my experience, if the issue is causing distress or interfering with your goals and values, it is worth exploring. In therapy, I work with those who are struggling with a variety of negative emotional experiences, such as anxiety, depression, shame/guilt, fear, or anger. I have specific interests and training in working with people who struggle with disordered eating, weight, and/or body image concerns, as well as those who are experiencing the challenges of integrating their cultural identity. In addition, I provide help to those who are struggling with the effects of interpersonal trauma (i.e., emotional, physical, or sexual abuse), family and/or relationship issues, emotion regulation difficulties, adjustment concerns, loss and grief, stress/burnout, and self-esteem concerns. In therapy, we will explore how these challenges impact your relationships, daily functioning, and mental health. My clinical work is inclusive of all sociocultural identity groups.

My approach to therapy is grounded in empathy and warmth, with the goal of understanding your specific difficulties - how they developed, how they are maintained, and how they can be changed. From this understanding, I will work collaboratively with you over the course of therapy to ensure we meet your specific needs. I regularly integrate from a variety of therapeutic approaches, including emotion-focused, behavioural, psychodynamic, cognitive, and mindfulness-based therapies. I strive to be a therapist who is educated in a range of therapies supported by research, and who can flexibly apply this knowledge to best meet the unique needs of each individual. Above all, I see therapy as a person-to-person interaction, one that requires a sense of safety, respect, and trust to explore difficult experiences.

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